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Throughout his time spent ministering, the challenge to overcome his addiction became unbearable and the vicious cycles began again.

As his life was spiraling out of control, the chronicles unfolded through a poetic journey. Now approaching two years sober for the first time since his twenties, Jim shares his life story through the stanzas in this book. Some are told during his lowest times and others at his highest. Ultimately you will be inspired as you travel with him from the dark periods when Satan had control, up to the present when God delivered him from the powerful bonds of addiction.

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Jim currently resides at a ministry in Northwest Georgia and is pursuing his addiction counseling certification. Formats Softcover.

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  1. Field Museum 'reuniting' scattered collections from ancient Iraq site.
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THE SCATTERED COLLECTION [Jim Moon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Finally! At long last. My book is in your hands. I may never. The Scattered Collection - Kindle edition by Jim Moon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

About the Book. As such, it set the stage for the development for a long succession of important Mesopotamian seats of power, including modern day Baghdad and ancient Babylon just 7 miles to the west.


The Field Museum holds about 32, objects from the Kish excavations, including cuneiform tablets, cylinder seals, stone tools, pots, sculptures, figurines and metal implements. Original field cards will be used to determine the archaeological context of many of these objects, which is vital to understanding their use and meaning. The Field Museum also holds 1, photographs and 1, feet of film taken during the excavations showing vivid images of the work being conducted by teams of up to hundreds of people. The excavations were lead by Ernest Mackay, Stephen H.

Collecting the Scattered Remains: The Raffles Library and Museum

Initial excavations at Kish centered on the Uhaimir mound, the location of a famous ziggurat, which is a temple tower in the form of a terraced pyramid of successively receding stories. Later, workers turned to a cemetery, where they uncovered Kish's famous chariot burials, wherein chariots pulled by teams of live oxen were buried alongside high status individuals to provide a means of transport in the afterlife.

After The Field Museum-Oxford University work from to , no excavation occurred at Kish until the s, but that work has been halted due to the war. This footage taken in is about 5 minutes long and covers various aspects of the work including: large work crews excavating the site and assembling a temporary railway to haul away debris; monumental architecture; payday; and painstaking excavation of 5,year-old treasures.

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Video footage courtesy of The Field Museum. Digital images available: Wheels Henry Field and Dimna, an excavation specialist, examine a four-wheeled chariot, two wheels of which are exposed, during the expedition. The first wheels for transport anywhere were found at Kish; two are in the Field Museum's collection.

Interferometric scattering microscopy

Photo courtesy of The Field Museum. Waxing Eric Schroeder waxing the skull of a wild ass found with the four-wheeled chariot during the expedition. This was done to preserve the bone.

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She is part of a curatorial team organizing a group of exhibitions focusing on medieval books and fragments acquired by collectors in the Boston area. Labels: Creating Apps. Photo courtesy of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University. Thus began the link between the library and museum that would last years until their separation in The catalog will be made available in English and Arabic on the Internet and in print.

Workers Workers clearing a palace at Kish during the expedition. Some crews numbered more than and included women and children working barefooted. Trenches This view of excavating trenches gives a good idea of the monumental scale of Kish. Taken during the expedition Photo courtesy of The Field Museum.